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Band Call - Winter / Spring 2015
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Alec Dankworth's "World Spirit

(Friday 28 November)

Alec's new band with his daughter on vocals explores global influences.

World Spirit explores melodies from Africa, South America and other continents from a jazz perspective. Alec has always had a leaning towards music with a Spanish flavour (he brought his other band "Spanish Accents" to Wakefield). He now extends the range to include Mali, Bulgaria, Venezuela, South Africa ,Ireland and Brazil to offer an evening of global song and improvisation. That many tunes are already in the jazz canon because they were written by Flek, Ellington, Handy, Jobim or Ibrahim will assure the jazz fan of good listening.

Having trained at the Guildhall School of Music, Emily already runs her own group and sings with the acapella group Vive. She recently joined Spanish Accents and is now part of this project put together partly with her in mind. Brandon Allen we can rely on for exceptional soloing and the individual approach to all forms of jazz percussion that Paul Clarvis uses will also add to the exoticism of the band.

Brandon Allen - tenor sax
Emily Dankworth - voice
Alec Dankworth - electric and acoustic bass
Paul Clarvis - percussion

Latest CD: Yet to record

Web: www.alecdankworth.com

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Alec Dankworth's World Spirit
Alec Dankworth's World Spirit

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Paul Booth's "Patchworks"
Latest News

(Friday 5 December)

In-demand tenorman premieres his new band and created compositions.

The inspiration for the pieces Paul wrote for this project came from people who had read his blog and responded to his request for new ideas for sounds, styles, genres, musicians, titles etc., that might serve as starting points for compositions. In the end he selected the five he felt most appropriate and went to work. One idea was to begin with the flight and movement of a dragonfly - will we be able to detect which piece was the result? Another was the Uillean Pipes (Irish bagpies).

The band he's touring is determined by the music to be played but special guests (such as a piper) on the album are largely missing.

Paul Booth - tenor sax, flute, keys and
Heidi Vogel - vocals
Giorgio Serci - guitar
Davide Mantovani - bass
Ernesto Simpson - drums
Satin Singh - percussion

Latest CD: Trilateral (Pathway records)

Web: www.paulboothsax.com

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Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Steve Melling Trio with Dick Pearce and Esther Miller

(Friday 12 December) - All ticket event

Our Christmas Party - starts at 8:00pm and features three sets of music, a buffet in the first break and a monster raffle in the second.

When Steve mentioned that he had been playing with Dick Pearce recently it seemed like a good idea to offer them a gig. Then the last appearance he made at Wakefield with Esther Miller came to mind and the good times that generated. Why not see if they'd all be availabe for our Christmas Party?

Esther has been touring the world singing on cruise ships but was home for Christmas. Dick Pearce said he "...had Christmas covered ".

A recipe to combine seasonal cheer with superb jazz playing seemed on the cards. That's just what we'll get from musicians dedicated to quality and a singer dedicated to fun. Come and enjoy the party spirit with us!

Steve Melling - piano
Dick Pearce - trumpet
Esther Miller - voice
Andy Cleyndert - bass
Miles Levin - drums

Latest CD: [with Esther Miller] Into the Sunlight (Tristan Records)

Web: www.stevemelling.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

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Steve Melling

Steve Melling

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Zoe Gilby Quartet

(Friday 16 January)

A joint presentation with Jazz North - Zoe Gilby is a Northern Line Artist.

Zoe is a singer with character and appeal still developing as an artist and no stranger to Wakefield Jazz. Her appearances have always been well-received and her reputation is fast becoming an international one as her performances are presented overseas as well as widely throughout the UK.

In December 2013 "Twelve Stories" was released, a powerful collection of songs with a strong narrative, delivered with a commanding mix of musical sophistication and dramatic edge. The original material is an engaging repertoire of storytelling and atmosphere. Her performances combine this with a mix of familiar standards and bluesey songs arranged in a distinctive way often by Zoe or her husband Andy.

Zoe Gilby - voice.
Mark Williams - guitar
Andy Champion - bass
Richard Brown - drums

Latest CD: Twelve Stories

Web: www.zoegilby.co.uk

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Zoe Gilby

Zoe Gilby

Watch a clip from the gig

Click here to see photos from the night

Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives with Tim Armacost

(Friday 23 January)

Return of a highlight gig from 2013, a UK /USA two tenor extravaganza.

Alex Garnett is the man of the moment - in demand in many bands and successfully leading and recording under his own name. He has a residency twice a week at Ronnie Scott's and tours the world as well as the UK.

This band gave one of the stand-out gigs of 2013 and has just recorded their new CD so it was a shoe-in to invite them back for another draw from the cup of plenty. The outstanding musicians are all band-leaders in their own right and American Tim Armacost fits in just right to create some tenor madness with virtuoso Alex.

Alex Garnett - tenor saxophone
Tim Armacost - tenor saxophone
Liam Noble - piano
Michael Janisch - bass
Andrew Bain - drums

Latest CD: Second CD for Whirlwind Records due out now

Web: www.whirlwindrecordings.com/serpent

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Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives

Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives

Laura Jurd's Human Spirit

(Friday 30 January)

Trumpeter brings yet another aspect of her music with startling singer.

Laura is launching her new album this month. Her appearance for us is the last in a series of eleven performances since Christmas. The project was commissioned for last year's London Jazz Festival and has been intriguing audiences ever since. Her membership of London's Chaos Collective gives her opportunities to play and compose for a wide variety of ensembles as well as playing with outside bands. Her creativity has many influences and each project has a distinct sound as well as being clearly "Laura". For this band : "Think electric Miles meets street band with a folkloric twist". The unusual and infinitely flexible voice of Lauren Kinsella and the characteristically free sound of Chris Batchelor's trumpet add a slightly surreal aspect to music which will keep us on our toes.

Laura Jurd - trumpet.
Lauren Kinsella - voice
Alex Roth - guitar
Chris Batchelor - trumpet
Colm O'Hara - bass trombone
Mick Foster - bass saxophone
Corrie Dick - drums

Latest CD: Human Spirit

Web: www.laurajurd.com

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Laura Jurd

Laura Jurd

Alan Barnes Quartet with Liz Fletcher

(Saturday 7 February)

This will be an all ticket gig with no catering.

This gig has been sponsored and we thank our sponsor for his generosity.

To celebrate a very significant anniversary the sponsor hoped to have an all-star band at the club. We were happy to oblige but found securing our usual Friday date was tricky so to be as close as possible to the day to be celebrated we have booked a gig on a Saturday.

I'm sure you'll appreciate that this band can, and will, swing an audience whatever the date.

Alan Barnes has to be the most popular, and in-demand, player on the British scene and this all-star band will delight our sponsor and audience for this very special night.

Alan Barnes - alto saxophone
Liz Fletcher - voice
David Newton - piano
Andy Cleyndert - bass
Sebastiaan de Krom - drums

Latest CD: (None with this line-up)

Web: www.alanbarnesjazz.com

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Alan Barnes

Allan Barnes

David Newton's "Big Screen" trio

A new trio created with the brief to play music from the movies.

(Friday 13 February)

David Newton has always thrived on playing material that brings new challenges to his improvisation and he has gone out of his way to do so for this new trio and the themed tunes it will play. As he says:

" Some well known things, some not so well known and even some downright obscure."

His side men for this project also bring a fresh approach, Tom Farmer (from Empirical) has a contemporary approach to bass playing which will ring the changes for David and Matt Skelton's virtuoso drum skills will keep everything moving nicely.

David Newton - piano.
Tom Farmer - bass
Matt Skelton - drums

Latest CD: Big Screen Volume 1 (Linn) (to be released soon)

Web: www.davidnewton.biz

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David Newton

David Newton


A R Q - the Alison Rayner Quintet

(Friday 20 February)

The U K's foremost woman bassist brings a new band and new tunes.

Alison's long-awaited debut CD under her own name was recorded live at The Vortex and the tunes are all her own compositions with the exception of Lennon/McCartney's Fixing A Hole, which she has arranged.

Though extremely varied stylistically, Rayner leaves the audience in no doubt about her musical personality both as a player and composer.

Original music of a melodic nature to give everyone an opportunity to show off their soloing capabilities.

Alison Rayner - bass
Diane McLoughlin - tenor saxophone
Steve Lodder - piano
Deirdre Cartwright - guitar
Buster Birch - drums

Latest CD: August (Blow The Fuse BTF1411CD)

Web: www.blowthefuse.com

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Alison Rayner

Alison Rayner

The de Jong Cleynderts

(Friday 27 February)

All-round British bassist brings his band which was the hit of Titley 2014

Andy Cleyndert has played with everyone of note in British Jazz - most prominently Stan Tracey.

He was, therefore, virtually the resident bassist for both Appleby and Titley Festivals of British Jazz . Finally he was asked to form a band of his own to take to the Titley Festival and this very appealing band was the result. A drum-free vibe does not hinder the swing feel of the band as Colin and Ross contribute rhythmically as well as Andy. Colin Oxley and Martin Shaw are both unassuming, but extraordinary, musicians and contribute the melodic and solo impetus to the band.

How nice to hear Ross Stanley on piano where he shines in an entirely different style from his ubiquitous organ appearances.

Andy Cleyndert - bass and compositions
Ross Stanley - piano
Colin Oxley - guitar
Martin Shaw - trumpet

Latest CD: (none)

Web: www.woodvillerecords.com/Andrew%20Cleyndert.htm

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Andrew de Jong Cleynderts

Andrew de Jong Cleynderts

The Mike Walker / Stuart McCallum guitar duo
Latest News

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£12.00 (Friday 6 March)

A joint presentation with Jazz North - Mike and Stuart are Northern Line Artists.

Mike is known for his rock-out solos with bands such as the Impossible Gentlemen, Stuart for his electronic fabrications and popular work with the Cinematic Orchestra.

For this gentle presentation both musicians use acoustic guitars to re-imagine and re-sculpt their own original compositions and some well-known jazz standards into fresh shapes. Mike Walker is already known for his compositions, in particular "Clockmaker" which is a favourite of every band he plays with. Stuart too has written harmonically interesting pieces for the two to improvise around.

The album of their work was released in October.

They have been working together for nearly two years and our gig is the last in an extensive period of touring - they will be on top form with an intuitive rapport.

"Throughout the album, the duo explore space, spontaneity and beauty to create intelligent camp-fire music that is characterised by focus and restraint."

Mike Walker - guitar
Stuart McCallum - guitar

Latest CD: Beholden (Shell-like records)

Web: www.mike-walker.co.uk

Web: www.stuartmccallum.com

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Mike Walker and Stuart McCallum

Mike Walker and Stuart McCallum


Phil Donkin Quartet

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£14.00 (Friday 13 March)

Another British International star returns with American sidemen.

Phil Donkin made a name throughout the UK in the few years following his graduation. Since then he has worked for years in New York and then based himself in Berlin to play all over Europe.

He now has experience playing with the best musicians in the world yet is rarely seen in his home country.

Sunderland native Phil Donkin is one of the most in demand bassists in the World, and is embarking on his first UK tour as a bandleader promoting the release of 'The Gate,' his debut album for Whirlwind Recordings. The album features some of the most exciting talent in NYC, Ben Wendel, Glenn Zaleski & Jochen Rückert. The touring musicians are 50 / 50 U K / USA and will be up for a night of highly exciting, creative music .

'The Gate' is a work of extraordinary depth and maturity. Bursting with wit and intelligence, the pieces are navigated expertly by the four members, displaying a complex array of textures.

"Special mention though, to bassist Phil Donkin, who held down two sets of high energy jazz before revealing his light-fingered dexterity on the encore." - Mike Hobart FT

Phil Donkin - bass
Glen Zaleski - piano
Julian Siegel - tenor saxophone
Colin Stranahan - drums

Latest CD: The Gate (Whirlwind Recordings)

Web: www.phildonkin.com

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Phil Donkin

Phil Donkin


Duncan Lamont Songbook "The Other Side of the Rainbow"

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£14.00 (Friday 20 March)

A unique two-singer offering featuring the work of Duncan Lamont.

Saxophonist Duncan Lamont has worked with all the greats - Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra to name a few. As a gifted composer his songs have been recorded by Natalie Cole, Blossom Dearie, Mark Murphy and Dame Cleo Laine. Singer Esther Bennett has been presenting his work with a number of other singers around London for some time and now brings the project north with Yorkshire - based singer Beverley Beirne. Look out for their pianist John Crawford who is a real find of new talent and expect the playing of veteran Duncan Lamont to bring back some memories.

Esther Bennett - voice
Beverley Beirne - voice
Duncan Lamont - saxophone
John Crawford - piano.
Simon Read - bass
Matt Parkinson - drums

Latest CD: (none)

Web: www.beverleybeirne.com

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Beverley Beirne and Esther Bennett

Beverley Beirne and Esther Bennett


Coming Soon:

Liane Carroll
Gilad Atzmon
Nikki Iles

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