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Band Call - 2016
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(Friday 22 January 2016)

Genuine Caribbean Jazz - Steel band maestro leads an uplifting band

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Dudley Nesbitt is a Northern Line artist and widely known Trinidadian member of the Caribbean community in Leeds. He is an exceptional and unflagging advocate for the art and culture of the steel pan. Here he leads a blend of modern Calypso, Caribbean rhythms, Rumba and Cha Cha, channelled through the versatile vocabulary of jazz. With a team of creative jazzers in the band you can be sure of some infectious beats and memorable melodic lines.

Dudley Nesbitt - steel pans, percussion.
Richard Ormrod - saxophones, clarinet, flute,
Barkley McKay - keyboards, guitar,
Kenneth Higgins - electric bass,
Sam Hobbs - drums

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Click here to see photos from the night

Manhattan Sound Big Band

(Friday 29 January 2016)

Formidable 16 piece band playing modern arrangements

This very popular band of 40 years standing plays regularly in its home base of Golcar. It is a 16 piece band with the added attraction of singer Nicki Allan. The membership is variable so we may not present the same line-up exactly as played for us in July for our mid-Summer special taster. They have a wide-ranging repertoire of classic big band tunes and more contemporary work including some arrangements for tunes from the recent charts. A lively and entertaining night is in store, especially if you enjoy the powerful drive of a big band in full flight.

Personnel to be confirmed

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Manhattan Sound Big Band

Manhattan Sound Big Band

Manhattan Sound at WJC

Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo

(Friday 5 February 2016)

Two of the North's most respected improvisers in intimate conversation

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Iain Dixon made his name nationally with the BBC Big Band for whom he played for many years. He is in huge demand for a variety of jazz and session work. Les Chisnall is the Doctor Piano of Manchester - strong melodies, interesting harmonies and classical music influences all abound in his music which is open, refreshing, warm and lyrical - a delight to listen to. The two have played together in numerous contexts and know each other's quirks inside out. If you appreciate the subtlety of Chamber Jazz then this will be a master-class in creative interaction. Both are hugely appreciated for the educational work they do - for example they both had a hand in nurturing Jam Experiment and Wakefield Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Les Chisnall - piano
Iain Dixon - saxes

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Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo

Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo

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Graeme Wilson Quartet Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 12 February)

Newcastle-based Northern Line artist from AVC

Graeme Wilson first visited Wakefield with the band led by bassist Andy Champion - A C V. Now the roles are reversed and Graeme is leader. The immensely talented pianist Paul Edis plays in both bands and only drummer Adam Sinclair is a newcomer to Wakefield.

The music consists of idiosyncratic yet memorable original tunes, with unusual meters and structures, from a band of close-knit players with various enthusiasms for folk and rock ballads, free jazz and the dance floor. A varied presentation from virtuosic to mellow is in store from the North East's finest.

Graeme Wilson - tenor saxophone,
Paul Edis - piano
Andy Champion - double bass
Adam Sinclair - drums

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Graeme Wilson Quartet

Graeme Wilson Quartet

Simon Spillett Quartet Buy Tickets

£14.00 (
Friday 19 February)

High energy saxophonist with the best rhythm section

Always popular Simon, puts the same energy into his playing as his idol Tubby Hayes. If you like your music suavely frenetic then this is for you. He can also move you with a tender ballad.

Simon can sell out Ronnie Scott's club or any other British venue where the jazz tradition is understood. When he is backed by a string of first call UK musicians you are sure of a completely satisfying jazz performance.

He is also latterly author of the definitive book on Tubby Hayes (The Long Shadow of The Little Giant).

Simon Spillett - tenor saxophone
John Critchinson - piano
Arnie Somogyi - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD: Square One (Gearbox Records)

Web: SimonSpillett.com

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Simon Spillett

Simon Spillett

John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe Duo
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 26 February)

Multi-style guitarist teams up with a new exciting singer

John Etheridge and Vimala Rowe have been working together for a couple of years after John invited her on stage at a solo gig and was totally enthralled by her singing - passionate, soulful and utterly committed. They have recently completed a duo album for release in January and the music on this reflects the breadth and depth of both their musical backgrounds . Vimala has made a study of Indian classical singing as well as working for years in the Far East and was the recipient of an Indie Award in 2008 for the eponymously titled EP - Vimala.

Together they explore Flamenco influences, Indian Classical, Jazz, Blues and African works - an eclectic mix delivered with power inventiveness and conviction.

My first experience of Vimala was at Scarborough Jazz Festival where (among other emotions) she moved grown men to tears.

John Etheridge - guitars
Vimala Rowe - voice

Latest CD: Still to be titled - release Jan. 2016

Web: www.johnetheridge.com

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John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe Duo

John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe Duo

Geoff Eales Quartet featuring Noel Langley
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 4 March)

Another new band from the Welsh piano wizard

Geoff has visited Wakefield with trios in the past but has recently teamed up with one of the most versatile trumpeters on the UK scene. A less well-known artist, Noel Langley has a reputation in the studio, classical, rock and jazz fields. As professor of Jazz Trumpet at the Guildhall School of Music for 25 years he has also had a hand in shaping the talents of many current jazz stars. However it was only in 2014 that he recorded under his own name. Perfectly matched with another crossover artist, Geoff Eales, there is an uncanny understanding between the two that liberates them both to produce their best playing and exciting interaction.

"A great well of music, pours forth with such clarity, it makes everyone else wonder why it took so damn long." - Cormac Larkin - Irish Times (On Noel Langley)

"He is an instinctive melodist with a lovely touch and refined technique, and builds his improvisations with an unerring sense of purpose." - Kenny Mathieson The Scotsman (November 2014) (On Geoff Eales)

Geoff Eales - piano
Noel Langley - trumpet
Chris Laurence - double bass
Martin France - drums

Latest CD: Transience (this quartet with Brigite Beraha voice)

Web: www.geoffeales.com

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Geoff Eales

Geoff Eales


Lee Gibson with the Chris Holmes Trio and John Hallam
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 11 March)

This event is sponsored - we are grateful for that sponsor's generous support

Sometimes a first impression is lasting. One of our most enthusiastic supporters saw Lee Gibson on his first visit to the club and he was impressed. Lee's return now is to satisfy the need to relive that experience. The Manchester Evening News said of her:

"World-class British jazz singers are a rare breed at the moment, but Lee Gibson is certainly one of them. She continues to go from strength to strength, both on record and in person. While Cassandra Wilson leads the female vocal field in America, Lee Gibson has comparable status in Britain."

Lee was introduced to the Chris Holmes trio on a previous visit to Wakefield but this time they are boosted by the formidable playing of John Hallam. Now based in Manchester, John has a career that includes playing with many stars from Humphrey Lyttelton to American pianist Jeff Barnhart. He is often paired with Alan Barnes and has recorded for Alan's Woodville label.

Lee Gibson - voice
Chris Holmes - piano
Dave Turner - double bass
Jim Scaife - drums
John Hallam - tenor sax.

Latest CD: Here's to Love (Spotlite SPJ CD 578)

Web: www.Leegibson.co.uk

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Lee Gibson

Easter Break no jazz for 3 weeks


Gareth Williams Trio
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 8 April)

This event is sponsored - we are grateful for the sponsor's generous support

Gareth is an immensely talented pianist who stands out in whatever company he is seen. Claire Martin and Joe Lovano cover the range of his partners in Jazz. Lately he has been leading successful projects - most recently at Wakefield with Dave Green and his Bill Evans/Scott LaFaro Songbook. His Power Trio with Laurence Cottle and now his European Trio with Swedes Daniel Fredriksson on drums and Martin Sjostedt on bass at last year's London Jazz Festival have both been critically well-received.

"If you've seen Williams perform, you'll know that he's the embodiment of creative energy, a physical player who gets wrapped up in his work, with a keyboard command that's both impressive and well-directed" - Peter Vacher in Jazzwise.

Gareth Williams - piano
Callum Gourlay - bass
Martin France - drums

Latest CD: "Shock" (with the Power Trio ) (Linn Records AKD 326)

Web: http://garethwilliams.biz

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Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

John Law's New Congregation
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 15 April)

A giant of contemporary British Jazz piano with outstanding sidemen

John Law, a prize-winning prodigy on piano, turned away from classical piano studies to pursue jazz and improvised music when he was 23. He has been involved in, and acclaimed for, his work in a wide variety of contemporary jazz projects: from solo piano concerts and albums through trio and quartet tours and recordings, right on to large scale works for his semi-classical ensemble Cornucopia.

Having visited Wakefield with trios in the past this is our first encounter with his quartet project New Congregation. Parliamentary Jazz Award-winning young saxophonist, Sam Crockatt (who works with Gwilym Simcock and Kit Downes), a melodic player of stunning fluency and eloquency; on bass the powerhouse behind many UK and European groups, including the Pharoah Sanders European Quartet, Oli Hayhurst and, on drums, the new sensation Lloyd Haines a young, already in-demand drummer on the UK jazz scene, a musician of power and precision, who complements the quartet with his input of contemporary sounds, break beats and grooves.

"An under-recognised giant of British modern jazz/new music piano". - DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY New York 2006

John Law - piano

Sam Crockatt - tenor saxophone
Oli Hayhurst - bass
Lloyd Haines - drums

Latest CD: These Skies In Which We Rust (33Xtreme 006)

Web: www.johnlaw.org.uk

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John Law

John Law

This concert is part of a national tour which is supported by the Arts Council, through the Grants For the Arts. John Law's New Congregation gratefully acknowledges this support.

Arts Council England

Noemi Nuti band featuring Quentin Collins
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 22 April)

Fascinating singer makes her first appearance at Wakefield

Italian-American singer and composer Noemi Nuti has been building a strong reputation on the London scene over the last year or two.

Her debut album focuses on her love for Brazilian music. She has a crack team of London-based musicians, including trumpeter Quentin Collins, also credited as 'music director', who produced this interesting and varied album. Much of the material is written by Noemi (sometimes in collaboration with pianist Andrew McCormack). She brings her clear, fresh voice and facility with languages (she speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French and - of course - Portuguese) to bear on songs in a range of styles, all Brazilian-influenced.

"Vocalist Noemi Nuti beautifully combines the rhythmic heartbeat of Brazil with the improvisational soul of jazz." - Jazzwise Magazine

Noemi Nuti - voice
Quentin Collins - trumpet
Chris Eldred - piano
Filipe Monteiro - guitar
Tim Thornton - bass
Emiliano Caroselli - drums

Latest CD: Nice to meet You (Ubuntu UBU0001)

Web: www.noeminuti.com

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Noemi Nuti and Quentin Collins

Noemi Nuti and Quentin Collins

Clark Tracey Quintet
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 29 April)

Drum entrepreneur with a band of his protégées

This latest edition of Clark's own band first visited Wakefield in 2013 when his sidemen were all barely-knowns. As they have matured the quintet has become a familiar unit and recorded a debut CD. The music is a mixture of Clark's compositions, modern standards (eg Cedar Walton, Tony Williams) and others composed by band-members, a practice Clark encourages. All fit the requirement of being musically interesting with basic jazz values such as swing and are guaranteed to offer much enjoyment.

"From the outset, the band lay their cards on the table, recapturing that ability to propel the music with that irresistible foot tapping joy that lifts both the heart and spirits." - Nick Lea (Jazz Views)

"This quintet is one of the liveliest and most creative groups of young musicians that Clark Tracey has led." - Peter Vacher (Jazzwise)

Harry Bolt - piano
Chris Maddock - alto & tenor sax
Henry Armburgh-Jennings - trumpet & flugelhorn
Daniel Casimir - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD: "Meantime" (Ten to Ten records, TTT CDS 721)

Web: www.clarktracey.com

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Clark Tracey Quintet

Clark Tracey Quintet

Josh Kemp Band with Liz Fletcher
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 6 May)

Wonderful tenorist with the superb singer Liz Fletcher

Sounding equally impressive playing within the jazz standards tradition and also presenting his own original compositions, Saxophonist and Composer Josh Kemp has gained many plaudits in recent years for his fluid improvising style and attractive compositions. He is house musician for London's Savoy and Dorchester hotels and has an organ quartet with Steve Fishwick, Ross Stanley and Chris Higginbottom.

Here he teams up with the Jamil Sheriff trio and Liz Fletcher to combine forces for a jazz presentation which will entertain at many levels.

Josh Kemp - tenor sax.
Liz Fletcher - voice
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Pete Turner - bass
Dave Walsh - drums

Latest CD: "Rare Groove" (with the organ quartet) (FULTCD0012)

Web: www.joshkemp.com

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Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp

The Lindsay Hannon Plus
Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 13 May)

A joint presentation with Jazz North - Lindsay is a Northern Line artist

Another super singer to emerge from Northumberland whose self-possession and clear voice make her immediately attractive to hear.

Since its formation in 2012 her quartet, The Lindsay Hannon Plus, has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most enjoyable vocal-led outfits on the North-East scene. Equally at home with full-blast blues and thoughtful spacious ballads, Lindsay and her band mix up the genres with great skill and an unfailingly electric atmosphere.

"It is Hannon's inventive, playful interpretation of a lyric that places her in the top bracket of singers currently working the jazz club circuit." - Bebop Spoken Here

Lindsay Hannon - voice
James Harrison - piano
John Pope - bass
Tom Chapman - drums

Latest CD: The Spy (Take 2) (Download from BandCamp)

Web: www.lhplus.co.uk

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Lindsay Hannon

Lindsay Hannon

The Weave
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 20 May)

Unusual two-trumpet band with a popular appeal

This cheeky Liverpudlian band was an instant hit when they first visited Wakefield in 2013. They were the first Northern Line band we booked and what great ambassadors for the scheme they were.

Their popularity has burgeoned since then and they have just recorded their 2nd CD which provides a whole new batch of material (but with that characteristic "woven" sound) for their performances.

For close harmony trumpets and fun this is a must-see band; if you missed them last time we recommend that you catch them tonight.

Leader Martin Smith values his contribution to original music above all else and has been fortunate enough to be able to keep original music at the centre of his world. The Weave is Martin's first attempt to present a collection of entirely his own work which he hopes embodies the depth and breadth of his influences and experience over the years.

"An unqualified knockout! Exceedingly refreshing, full of musical joy, liverpudlian wit and striking musicianship". - Martin Powell (The Jazz Scene)

Martin Smith - trumpet
Tony Peers - trumpet
Tony Ormesher - guitar
Rob Stringer - piano
Hugo Harrison - bass
Tilo Pirnbaum - drums

Latest CD: Knowledge Porridge (Future Proof Records)

Web: www.TheWeaveMusic.com

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The Weave

The Weave

Ian Shaw
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 27 May)

This is a sponsored gig - we are extremely grateful for our sponsor's generosity

Another superstar of the Jazz world, Ian has recently been using his celebrity to draw attention to the plight of refugees stuck in "The Jungle" outside Calais. He has put his "action where his mouth is" and made numerous visits to the people in the camp with succour in various real forms. This is characteristic of the man who has always been known for his generosity to young musicians.

Apart from many high profile performances, Ian often makes recordings themed around the work of a particular jazz composer - his latest celebrates Fran Landesman. Our sponsor was particularly taken by Ian's tribute to Joni Mitchell and so tonight's performance will include a liberal sprinkling of the material from a previous CD "Drawn to all Things" (2006)

". . .the gifted, technically awesome and theatrically witty singer puts his improvisational skill and gambler's instinct to work on everything" - The Guardian

Ian Shaw - voice (and may be some piano)
Jamie Safiruddin - piano
Miguel Gorodi - trumpet

Latest CD: A Ghost in Every Bar Splash Point Records, SPR014CD (2012)

Web: www.IanShaw.biz

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Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw

Ingrid Jensen
Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 3 June)

An Orpheus presentation by NorVol Jazz & Apollo Jazz

NorVol Jazz is particularly proud of having been awarded a grant from Arts Council England to bring overseas artists to tour Northern Clubs organised by Kim Macari of Apollo Jazz. Canadian Ingrid Jensen is the first of the artists selected by NorVol members to combine with regional artists to fulfil a set of engagements.

Born in Vancouver Ingrid held the professor of Jazz Trumpet chair at the Bruckner Conservatory of Music in Austria before moving to New York at the beginning of the millennium. In 2003 she was nominated, for the second time, alongside trumpeter Dave Douglas for a Jazz Journalist Association Award in New York and is seen yearly in the top five of the Downbeat Critic Polls in the Talent deserving wider recognition category. So although new to the UK she is well established in the US.

We are delighted to have been lucky enough to be selected as a club to be included in this first subsidised tour in a series known as the Orpheus presentations.

"Ingrid plays trumpet and flugelhorn with all the brilliance and fire of a true virtuoso, following the spirit of the muse as she creates… ...warm,sensitive, exciting and totally honest..." - Marian McPartland

"She is, without doubt, one of the most exciting trumpet players on the contemporary scene." - Jazz Journal UK

Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Jez Franks - guitar
Andy Champion - bass
Tim Giles - drums

Latest CD: At Sea (2006) Artist Share

Web: www.IngridJensen.com

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Ingrid Jensen

Ingrid Jensen

(Friday 3 June) No Jazz - Hockey weekend

Summer Break

Coming Soon:

SKII Big Band (17 July)
Tom Parker Big Band (11 September)

Ellery Eskelin
Impossible Gentlemen
Chris Garrick

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