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Band Call - Autumn / Winter 2015 & 2016
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Bugalu Foundation

(Friday 2 October)

A dance-friendly nine-piece offering a high-energy start to our new season. This is a co-presentation with Jazz North - Bugalu is a Northern Line Band

Formed over a decade ago by conga player and bandleader, Sam Bell, the Bugalu Foundation originated in the Northern Latin Soul scene prevalent in Leeds and Manchester in the mid 90's, and has recently regenerated itself with some super-talented young blood. An irresistible, dance-friendly fusion of jazz, funk and soul, with the beats of 'El Barrio' - Spanish Harlem - and the Hispanic traditions of Latin America, delivered by the music's greatest champions from the Northern Latin Soul Scene. Their style of boogaloo is heavily influenced by the music of Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri.

Sam Bell - percussion & backing vocals (BVs)
Martin Conor - lead vocals
Angus Crabtree - tenor & baritone saxes
Steve Parry - trumpet & BVs
Johnny Enright - trombone & BVs
Craig Scott - guitar
Al MacSween - keyboards & BVs
Morgan Pugh - bass guitar
Sam Gardner - drums

Web: www.bugalufoundation.co.uk

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Bugalu Foundation

Bugalu Foundation

Click here to see photos from the night


Andy Panayi's Tenor Madness Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 9 October)

A tribute to the music of Sonny Rollins

Andy Panayi who leads this Rollins tribute is an exceptionally gifted jazz musician, skilled in performance, composition and arranging. He plays all the flutes and all the saxophones and currently leads his own groups, both jazz and classical.
This new trio features outstanding newcomer Percy Pursglove on bass and Scottish genius Andrew Bain on drums - a high power unit indeed.

The choice of music also gives Andy brilliant scope to provide grooves both Caribbean and Swing with superb melodies to improvise on. Sonny Rollins is the last man standing of the great innovators of the fifties and many of his recordings have become the jazz classics you can look out for tonight.

Andy Panayi - saxes and flute
Percy Pursglove - bass
Andrew Bain - drums

Web: www.andypanayi.co.uk

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Andy Panayi's Tenor Madness

Andy Panayi's Tenor Madness

Benn Clatworthy Quartet Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 16 October)

Well-established band with three popular musicians who support Benn

Benn's regular visits to the UK keep him at the forefront of the UK jazz scene even though he has been based in Los Angeles since 1980. He is unmistakeably a Brit and has a universal sax sound that can tackle most styles with ease. This band includes his regular touring partners when on this side of the pond and their ease of interaction attests to their longevity. Expect an eclectic mixture of classic tunes and original compositions with an approachable sound.

He records a CD roughly once a year, sometimes with Cecilia Coleman or on a particular theme - his latest specialises in Latin Jazz..

Benn Clatworthy - tenor sax
John Donaldson - piano
Simon Thorpe - bass
Matt Holm - drums

Latest CD: Baker: Gateway to Death Valley (2012 Aguabella)

Web: www.bennclatworthy.com

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Benn Clatworthy

Benn Clatworthy

Manjula Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 23 October)

Vanessa Rani - A joint presentation with Jazz North

Manjula (meaning melodious) delves deep into rhythms and melodies from Portuguese, African, Latin jazz and Indian cultures to create a beautiful, experimental fusion of global sounds
Vanessa studied in Leeds and India and has always had the aim of incorporating the feel of jazz improvisation into music from other cultures. She has been mentored in African and Latin music and can create vocal improvisations beyond scatting.

This is modern, forward thinking global music as well as an exploration, incorporating Portuguese, African, Latin jazz influences with the haunting ambience of Indian vocal training and the rhythmic attack of jazz improvisation.

Vanessa Rani Chutturgoon - voice
Joe Harris - guitar
Simon Read - bass
Sam Bell - percussion

Web: www.vanessamusic.com

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Vanessa Rani

Vanessa Rani

Ivo Neame Quintet Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 30 October)

Pianist from Phronesis leads his new band with star side-men

Ivo shot to fame in the jazz world through his playing with Phronesis and their backing for Marius Neset. He is the most versatile of musicians playing alto saxophone as well as piano and accordion and is a prolific composer. For this major band under his own name he has selected a wonderful array of like-minded musicians. Jim Hart used him (on alto) in one of his bands and he now returns the compliment. Tori Freestone made waves with her own trio's recording Chophouse, and her appearances with Fringe Magnetic and Compassionate Dictatorship. Tom is another versatile player at home with David Newton or Empirical and Dave Hamblett is the star drummer from the F-ire collective.

The band's new CD Strata has received a 4 star review in Jazzwise where Ivo is heralded as a truly international artist and states that he sets new standards for lyrical contemporary jazz.
This is quite simply the band of the moment.

Ivo Neame - piano & accordion
Jim Hart - vibes
Tori Freestone - saxophone
Tom Farmer - bass
Dave Hamblett - drums

Latest CD: Strata (Whirlwind - WR4674)

Web: www.ivoneame.co.uk

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Ivo Neame

Ivo Neame

Tom Cawley's Curios Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 6 November)

Tom has been professor of jazz piano at the Royal Academy of music for many years now. This partly explains his absence from the playing scene for some time.

He was Young Jazz Musician of the year in 1998.
Curios were Band of the Year in the 2008 BBC Jazz Awards.
Now a mature musician, Tom's music shows the development expected with time but has lost none of the audience appeal it always displayed.

Long established as his showcase, the trio Curios includes collaborators Sam Burgess and Josh Blackmore whose support and interaction with Tom have always been superb.
A new CD is in preparation and may be ready for release around the time of this gig.

Tom Cawley - piano
Sam Burgess - bass
Josh Blackmore - drums

Latest CD: Captive (Basho records)

Web: http://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/tomcawley

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Tom Cawley

Tom Cawley

Ronnie Bottomley's All-Star Jazz Orchestra
Buy Tickets

THE Big Band from this area with Ronnie's hand-picked players

£14.00 (Friday 13 November)

The music this band plays is founded firmly in the classic big band repertoire but also includes modern arrangements of Ronnie's creation and the occasional nod towards the contemporary scene.

The musicians love to get their teeth into Ronnie's writing as it often provides neat twists on the familiar which keeps their interest and our entertainment high.

Trumpets: Neil Morley, Dale Gibson, Cliff Ray, Kim Macari.

Lee Hallam, Brian Archer, Kevin Holborough, Chris Hibbard (bass trombone)

Saxes: Rod Mason, Bill Charleson (Altos), Joel Purnell, Riley Stone-Lonergan (Tenors), Stuart Mc Donald (Baritone).

Graham Hearn - Piano
Derrick Harris - Guitar
Adrian Knowles - Bass
Andrew Bold - Drums

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Ronnie Bottomley

Ronnie Bottomley


Matt Holborn Quartet
Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 20 November)

Young violinist brings a new sensibility to the gypsy jazz of the last century

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Inspired by the music and legacy of Django Reinhardt, and with a love of anything that swings; this is a fun, new and exciting band still maintaining its Hot Club traditions.

This Gypsy Jazz Quartet stands out from crowd - impeccable musicianship and ensemble playing topped off with fluid, laid-back violin from Holborn. Superb. (Barney Stephenson - Marsden Jazz)

Matt Holborn - violin
Ben Mallen - lead guitar
Ben Danzig - rhythm guitar
Simon Allen - bass

Web: http://thejazzagency.co.uk/band/matt-holborn-quartet/

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Matt Holborn Quartet

Matt Holborn Quartet

John Bailey Quintet Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 27 November)

A high quality group producing high quality sounds

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Bailey's compositions draw heavily from 20th century Classical music to evoke reflective, atmospheric landscapes, using harmony and melody to unlock emotional responses in the listener, and are interpreted by a prestigious ensemble.

John teaches guitar at Liverpool University and has connections across the North of England; which has allowed him to select a special group of musicians to perform his cool compositions.
He is a performer of Classical guitar pieces as often as Jazz and so a big influence on his work is the music from that repertoire. Kenny Wheeler's influence on Richard Iles also contributes to the sound.

John Bailey - guitar
Richard Iles - flugelhorn
Tim France - tenor sax
Gavin Barras - bass
Steve Hanley - drums

Latest CD: Black Ship Bright Sea (ASC records)

Web: www.JohnBaileyGuitar.com


John Bailey

John Bailey

Eyeshutight Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 4 December)

Northern bassist with a national reputation returns with his established trio

Paul has steered this trio well through its performing and recording career - now promoting their third CD. They first played for Wakefield Jazz in 2010. His relaxed style, in playing and composition, encourages intuitive interaction and the long-standing relationships in the band demonstrate this with ease.
Johnny Tomlinson's fluid and entertaining piano exploits the potential of Paul's music and Kris Wright's versatile drumming ranges from quietest brushes to hammering drive.

"Eyeshutight release their third album, Resonance, with an enticing sound which encompasses dynamic dance beats and melodic serenity, all held together by a beguilingly off-the-wall but nonetheless intuitive approach." - Adrian Pallant, October 2014

Paul Baxter - bass and compositions
Johnny Tomlinson - piano
Kris Wright - drums

Latest CD: Resonance (Hungry Bear Records)

Web: www.eyeshutight.com

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Alan Barnes Octet - A Jazz Christmas Carol Buy Tickets

£17.00 (Saturday 12 December)

Our Christmas Party - a three-set gig with a buffet meal and monster raffle

Alan's suites of original music are well known and respected. From his collaborations with Alan Plater to the Sherlock Holmes Suite he has brought them all to Wakefield Jazz with huge success.

This new project, written specially to suit a Christmas Party, is based on the Dickens story and relies heavily on the exaggerated characters it contains. Think of Scrooge and the Ghosts. Alan's top selection of musicians creates a band as dedicated to musicianship and fun as he is. This is a very popular Christmas presentation which explains our need to move to a Saturday. But, for a band that understands what a Wakefield Christmas Party expects, could we do any better?

Alan Barnes - saxes and clarinet
Bruce Adams - trumpet and flugelhorn
Robert Fowler - tenor sax
Karen Sharpe - baritone sax
Mark Nightingale - trombone
David Newton - piano
Simon Thorpe - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD: The Art Trip (Alan with the Craig Milverton Trio)

Web: www.AlanBarnesJazz.com

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Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes

Panjumby Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 22 January 2016)

Genuine Caribbean Jazz - Steel band maestro leads an uplifting band

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Dudley Nesbitt is a Northern Line artist and widely known Trinidadian member of the Caribbean community in Leeds. He is an exceptional and unflagging advocate for the art and culture of the steel pan. Here he leads a blend of modern Calypso, Caribbean rhythms, Rumba and Cha Cha, channelled through the versatile vocabulary of jazz. With a team of creative jazzers in the band you can be sure of some infectious beats and memorable melodic lines.

Dudley Nesbitt - steel pans, percussion.
Richard Ormrod - saxophones, clarinet, flute,
Barkley McKay - keyboards, guitar,
Kenneth Higgins - electric bass,
Sam Hobbs - drums

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Manhattan Sound Big Band Buy Tickets

£14.00 (Friday 29 January 2016)

Formidable 16 piece band playing modern arrangements

This very popular band of 40 years standing plays regularly in its home base of Golcar. It is a 16 piece band with the added attraction of singer Nicki Allan. The membership is variable so we may not present the same line-up exactly as played for us in July for our mid-Summer special taster. They have a wide-ranging repertoire of classic big band tunes and more contemporary work including some arrangements for tunes from the recent charts. A lively and entertaining night is in store, especially if you enjoy the powerful drive of a big band in full flight.

Personnel to be confirmed

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Manhattan Sound Big Band

Manhattan Sound Big Band

Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 5 February 2016)

Two of the North's most respected improvisers in intimate conversation

A joint presentation with Jazz North

Iain Dixon made his name nationally with the BBC Big Band for whom he played for many years. He is in huge demand for a variety of jazz and session work. Les Chisnall is the Doctor Piano of Manchester - strong melodies, interesting harmonies and classical music influences all abound in his music which is open, refreshing, warm and lyrical - a delight to listen to. The two have played together in numerous contexts and know each other's quirks inside out. If you appreciate the subtlety of Chamber Jazz then this will be a master-class in creative interaction. Both are hugely appreciated for the educational work they do - for example they both had a hand in nurturing Jam Experiment and Wakefield Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Les Chisnall - piano
Iain Dixon - saxes

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Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo

Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo

Graeme Wilson Quartet Buy Tickets

£12.00 (Friday 12 February)

Newcastle-based Northern Line artist from AVC

Graeme Wilson first visited Wakefield with the band led by bassist Andy Champion - A C V. Now the roles are reversed and Graeme is leader. The immensely talented pianist Paul Edis plays in both bands and only drummer Adam Sinclair is a newcomer to Wakefield.

The music consists of idiosyncratic yet memorable original tunes, with unusual meters and structures, from a band of close-knit players with various enthusiasms for folk and rock ballads, free jazz and the dance floor. A varied presentation from virtuosic to mellow is in store from the North East's finest.

Graeme Wilson - tenor saxophone,
Paul Edis - piano
Andy Champion - double bass
Adam Sinclair - drums

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Graeme Wilson Quartet

Graeme Wilson Quartet
Coming Soon:

John Law
Lee Gibson
Ingrid Jensen

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